My January Skincare and Lifestyle Favorites (Video)

My January favorites range from La Mer to Herbivore Botanicals and quite a bit in between. I posted this blog in video form as part of my  28 in 28 Series on my YouTube Channel. Twenty-eight product reviews in 28 days. I hope you enjoy! Advertisements

First Impressions Friday Blogmas Edition

So today I have 3 new products that I have tried and that look quite promising. Clinique Uplighting Illuminating Powder in Bronze Glow. This can be used as a highlighter, bronzer, or a setting powder. I purchased it on Wednesday and I used it Thursday and this morning to set my makeup. It gave me a nice glowing finish without being too glittery or making my face shiny and the particular color choice works really well on med to dark brown skin. Although it doesn’t give a matte finish, I have had no problems with oil breaking through. This pressed powder…

Denim and Lace On Trend for A/W 2016

One of the trends that I am loving for Fall right now is the real resurgence of lace. I have always been a lace kind of girl, but it has not always been the most fashion forward of trends. Let’s be real, depending on the outfit, you can end up looking more like granny’s tablecloth and matching curtains or am 80s country and western throwback, than an on trend fashion diva. But many of the new lace pieces are not only extremely wearable without being precious, but paired with denim or leather they can look very chic and even edgy….

Monday Confessions

Ahh yes it’s 6:16am on Monday Morning and it’s still dark out and I lie here, making notes for my week. I don’t hate Mondays like most people. I usually look forward to what the new week has in store. But, Mondays have become kind of bittersweet these days. The past few weekends have been really wonderful with Mr. K. I know I haven’t talked about him much here. We have been together almost 30 years and our relationship has endured quite a lot. It is not perfect, but it is ours. We share very little of our lives with…

10 Reasons My Forties Are Way Better Than My Twenties and Thirties

I know that the popular belief is that younger is better, being young is more desirable, and growing old is the absolute worst thing that can happen. To some, it’s worse than death, because at least when you’re dead…well…you’re dead. But I say, “Poppycock!!” Okay, that was a really old, okay antiquated, thing to say. Where the heck did the term poppycock come from anyway? Regardless, I still stand by my first statement, younger is not better, it shouldn’t be more desirable. It has its benefits, more energy, less joint pain, yadda yadda yadda. But mostly, younger is just younger….

Simple Glamour, A More Realistic Minimalism

I am not a minimalist… I repeat, I am not a minimalist …at least not in the way that I see most minimalists portray themselves around the internet these days. In fact, I only use the term minimalism in the tags and categories because this post does fall under that umbrella. I am more of a Simple Glamour-ist. I don’t consider myself a minimalist for four reasons: The first, I am just not quite disciplined enough in my current life, sometimes I have clutter in my house, in my mind, in my life. I am 45, it is going to take…

September Skin Challenge 

  I joined a challenge on IG. Another one. I’ve joined challenges before. In fact, there was a time when I joined a challenge every month, sometimes two, cuz I’m ambitious like that. I have joined photo challenges, bullet journal challenges, doodle challenges, regular planner challenges, even the 100 Happy Days Challenge. For the record, I have completed….drumroll…zero, zilch, ) challenges. Yeah… I’m just not consistent, not disciplined, and not regimented at all. I start off all excited and hung ho (that’s supposed to be gung ho, but autocorrect has jokes today). I prep and everything. I buy supplies I…